BMSOLUTION SERVICES PTE LTD is committed to play a part in saving our environmental, especially in water, where our specialisation and experience laid on.

We are a complete service and solution provider in conditioned water treatment. We had been marketing the brand ‘bmSOLUTION’ in Singapore since 2005. With the combination of water treatment experience of more than 30 years, coupled with our service-orientated stuff and customer-focus policy, ‘bmSOLUTION’ ranges of chemical are applied successfully in cooling towers & chilled water systems, boiler & hot water systems, pure water systems and waste water systems. We are known for not only improving and optimising systems’ performance, but also efforts in conserve water, energy and other resources used in the systems.

With combination of expertise and efforts with our business partner and associates, we ventured into engineered water treatment in year 2011. We managed to provide Total Water Treatment Solution to our clients with success. We installed specialised waste water treatment systems, pure water systems, chemical injection skids, system monitoring skids and air scrubbers with success. We always ease our clients’ burden in water treatment and water related issues because the excellent attitude, knowledge and commitment of our staff and our partners.

Our focus is to help our clients who need to pay full commitment in activities other than water treatment but still manage to maintain and improve the water treatment systems. Solution provider, environment awareness, best equipment maintenance and output in-line with cost-effective treatment had made us serving customers from various sectors, such as pharmaceutical, bioscience, food, petrochemicals, electroplating, electronics, commercial buildings, hotels and other industries.

In short, our passion is to focus on providing excellent services and solutions toour clients with continuous compliance environmental and safety awareness. We plead to improve a better living for future generations. 



Water is first priority in our calling to preserve our nature, environment and resources.